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Posted by JohnnyB on May 30, 2011

Build your own Solar Panels and Wind Turbines using the Earth for Energy Guide

With energy prices increasing all the time, Earth for Energy is advertising a product that will help consumers save up to 80% or more on their energy bills. On entering the Earth for Energy website, you are presented with a detailed overview of what the product can do for you and the environment. Earth for Energy is about the practical and viable use of harnessing natural renewable energy to power your household appliances. Earth for Energy is offering a guide that will show you how to construct a solar panel or wind turbine energy system.

Earth for Energy states that installing a professional system will be expensive sometimes up to $20,000 and many years will have to pass before you see a return on your investment. The guide offers to show you how to build a solar panel with materials that you can buy over the counter and construct yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Taking you by the hand, Earth for Energy offers this guide as a way to teach you the basic knowledge of constructing your own solar panels, Earth for Energy claim that people who have no knowledge of do it yourself will find the guide invaluable. Intermixed with the sales page are testimonials from consumers who say they have followed Earth for Energy guide and have built their own solar panels for a fraction of the cost of professionally installed kits, stating that by using the Earth for Energy guide the raw materials for solar panels could be purchased for as low as $100. Earth for Energy offers the guide in six parts for a special introductory price, and if you purchase the Earth for Energy guide, they will add extra free items that are soon to be sold as separate items.

The Earth for Energy guide was written by Michael Harvey and is being promoted as a way to go “Green” by using non-carbon fuels to power your home appliances. Stating that by following the instructions in the Earth for Energy guide it can save you thousands of dollars in installation costs, and if you build enough resources you can even start selling energy back to the power companies.


Earth for Energy
Earth for Energy


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As stated earlier, the guide comes in six parts. The first part is an introduction to solar energy, where Earth for Energy explain the full benefits of converting to solar panels, instructing you on the basics of building solar power energy in your own backyard.

Part two of the guide shows you in detail how to build your own solar panels giving you easy step by step instructions.  It is easily doable to create one solar panel for as little as $100. Color diagrams and images that show you how to wire the solar panel correctly are all included in this section.

Part three of the Earth for Energy guide offers an array of tools to help you with different factors of solar energy. A solar calculator is included to allow you to add up how many solar panels and batteries you will need to power every appliance in the home.  Then there are detailed instructions about how to mount the solar panels onto the roof of the home to achieve maximum possible effect.  Earth for Energy then offer to save you time by having ready forms that you can fill out to receive solar tax credits and rebates.  The final piece of information in this part is a complete wiring diagram to instruct you on how to wire your home system to the solar powered energy, to start saving money almost instantly.

Part four is one of Earth for Energy additional extras that are offered for free and has a valued cost of $49. This consists of a series of “Hollywood quality“ video tutorials that explain in detail the process of constructing solar panels. Stating that consumer will be able to comprehend these Earth for Energy videos somewhat easier than the guide.

Part five of Earth for Energy guide is another special free offer looking at the alternative form of green energy, again valued at $49 USD, Earth for Energy show you how to build and install your own professional wind turbine, and give you all the advantages of having wind as an alternative power source to solar energy.

The final part of Earth for Energy guide is a seven part video series titled Earth for Energy e-kit the price is slated for $99 but if the guide is purchased promptly then it will be added to the cart at no extra charge. The series is all about solar education, looking at making full use of Earth for Energy tips to make energy less costly and will soon be sold separately from the main Earth for Energy guide.

Earth for Energy then gives 7 invaluable reasons why this amazing deal should not be missed.  It has so many great things that if you don’t just love it then Earth for Energy will happily refund your money.

If you decide to purchase the Earth for Energy guide, then you will be allowed automatic access to the member’s area where Earth for Energy owner Michael Harvey has left a special gift for all new members who sign up.

Of the other benefits that are on offer to Earth for Energy members there are, regular updates of literature and access to even more instructional videos are only part of the package, Earth for Energy say that they will give details of locations where parts for generating green energy can be obtained at massive savings to the consumer, some of these parts you may even get free.

Whether you take up the Earth for Energy offer is a matter of choice on your part. Earth for Energy has been running a very ambitious advertising campaign and from reading the testimonials that have been quoted, Earth for Energy customers appear to be exceptionally happy with the product.

So in conclusion, if you are serious about using renewable green energy such as solar power or wind turbines, the Earth for Energy guide will show you how to do it efficiently and at a minimum cost. Additionally the Earth for Energy guarantee states that if you are not completely satisfied with the Earth for Energy guide, they will happily refund your money so the investment is risk free.  Click the picture below for your easy to follow plans for building a solar panel or wind turbine.

Earth for Energy

Earth for Energy

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